Oct 03, 2001

YellowZone, Inc., launches YZ Project Manager 4.0 S/W
YellowZone, Inc., introduces to the general public our latest version- YZ Project Manager- Version 4.0.

Encino, CA, October 3, 2001- YellowZone, Inc., introduces to the general public our latest version- YZ Project Manager- Version 4.0. Coming a long way since the launch of our first version YZ Project Manager 4.0., encompasses all the requirements necessary for optimum project management and cost control.

The additional features were requested by our existing clients in the past. YellowZone has always felt obligated to listen to its customers and provide them with the best project management software solutions.

Thoroughly tested and very easy-to-use due to a simple navigational structure, YZ Project Manager 4.0 has the following new features:

  • CALENDAR RESOURCE ENTRY-The user has the ability to enter a date into the Task Calendar based on a visual look at the month in question. Upon selection of a date the fields align with this information so that one can move to the next field of entry without manually inserting the date in question.

  • PREFERENCE FIELD ASSIGNMENTS- allow the administrator to control what fields are to be displayed when adding, editing and viewing tasks. The administrator sets these preference rules and this will apply to those utilizing the software application for their company.

  • FILE ATTACHMENT ACCESS-contained within the file attachments for project assigning is the ability to view attachments. Only individuals assigned to the project in question can view or edit the attached file and no other.

  • PRIORITY INDICATOR-allows users to add and sort \"Priority\" items within the tasks

  • MESSAGING- to and from department representatives and employees for fast and efficient task management.

  • REMINDERS- can be specified to appear up until the selected date.

  • ALPHABETIC QUICK LINKS- Continuous scrolling through tasks, clients and projects can be tiresome and timely. All lists can now be accessed with alphabetic quick links.

  • BUDGETING SPECIFICATION TOOL- This tool can be specified, monitored and controlled along with a project cost review.

  • REPORTING - Both graph and data reporting system.

  • EXPORTING- Export feature allows data to be exported and saved as a TAB DELIMITED file. Depending on the extension the user provides, the data may be accessed for future management as a spreadsheet or a document.

  • TAB CUSTOMIZATION- Within the administrator\'s panel, all tabs may be customized to suit the preference/orientation of a company\'s office.

YZ Project Manager provides companies with the necessary tools to operate at their maximum potential. This tool enables users to improve productivity, by reducing project cost overruns and delays in completion time. Embedded workflow capabilities allow managers to assign and update tasks to users for specific projects and clients.

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