Aug 14, 2001

Cozen and OConnor, a large global law firm purchases YZPM S/W
Cozen and OConnor, a large global law firm purchases YZ Project Manager
YZPM Version 3.0 will now be the project/task operation management tool for the prestigious Law Firm.

Encino, CA, August 14, 2001- Cozen and OConnor - the latest client of YellowZone that has purchased their web based software YZ Project Manager. They will be using YZ Project Manager to effectively manage their projects, tasks and activities. Cozen and OConnor is a large law firm in Philadelphia with multiple offices worldwide. This clearly demonstrates that YZPM is an excellent tool for all industries including law firms. The online software application will allow the users to easily login via intranet and have access to all their critical project data. Cozen and OConnor executives will be using the software to assign tasks, monitor deadlines, track time expenditures and measure resources. This will enable the project manages to effectively control all of their projects and the tasks associated with them.

YZ Project Manager 3.0 is a web-based application that is fully customizable to your specific business. Just launched, Version 3.0 offers many additional features that are not available with competing products on the market. Managers may now export data in a tab-delimited format. What this means is the data can be accessed in an excel or word document giving users the freedom to format their own reports and sort it appropriately for their records. Reminders can be set, files attached along with task creation and modification and all the tabs may be customized to suit the company orientation.

This highly resourceful online Software allows users to manage their projects and communicate effectively with an online messaging system, customizable tags, file attachment and file management capabilities to name a few. Tasks are created by a managing level and delegated appropriately with the user and client labels seen as a scroll down bar (previously labeled). The project is named and dated, cost specifications may be added as well. The manager may set a time allowance for the specific task along with a deadline and task title. Specifications are outlined in the task description and file attachments can be done here. A reminder date and message may also be set if needed. The task is then submitted with all details inclusive to the specific user. The user then may log on at real-time with his secured login and password to retrieve task outlines. The manager may opt to print out a report specific to a particular user, client, project, task, date of creation or date of completion. All encompassing, YZ Project Manager provides companies with the necessary tools to operate at their maximum potential.

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