Feb 12, 2002

Hubbell, Incorporated purchases YZPM Software

Encino, CA, February 12, 2002- YellowZone celebrates the signing of yet another successful YZ Project Manager contract, with none other than the industrial powerhouse Hubbell. Successful by all means, Hubbells long list of patents dating back to the early 1900s, makes the name Hubbell one of poignancy in American Manufacturing history.

The project management software that is rapidly gaining notoriety with numerous big companies for its ease-of-use and embedded workflow functionality, YZ Project Manager will be yet another asset to the industry powerhouse known as HUBBELL.

Coming a long way since the launch of our first version YZ Project Manager 4.0., encompasses all the requirements necessary for optimum project management and cost control.

Requested in part by our existing clients, YellowZone has upgraded the software to meet the needs of the industry professionals that use it most. YellowZone has always felt obligated to listen to its customers and provide them with the best project management software solutions.

YZ Project Manager provides companies with the necessary tools to operate at their maximum potential. This tool enables users to improve productivity, by reducing project cost overruns and delays in completion time.

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