Apr 09, 2002

321 Studios Purchases YZ Project Manager

Encino, CA, April 9, 2002-321-Studios, purchases YZ Project Manager today representing another win for YellowZone and their YZPM software which is quickly gaining notoriety within a large spectrum of industries. 321-Studios is a high tech company who has several software product applications on the market. They were very impressed with both the high-end functionality of the YZPM product as well as its user friendly navigation and layout. Self-explanatory, quick, secure and accessible in real time via the web, the YZPM product is sure to become an asset to their continued success. Being that 321 Studios is a technology company, it makes it all the more satisfying that the YZPM product was selected. The software was sure to have undergone some serious evaluation and testing before being chosen to represent the day-to-day progress of their projects in house.

Users, project managers and executives of 321-Studios will be utilizing YZPM to manage their complex projects and client/ employee interactions. The ability to login via a web browser, accessing all the critical project data at any time, makes it an extremely powerful addition to ones business.

A web-based solution, YZ Project Manager offers companies optimized workflow environments for securing and monitoring productivity, costs and project delivery times. All this and more encapsulated within a user-friendly tool bar that makes competing project management software look way too hard to master upon daily usage.

Coming a long way since the launch of our first version YZ Project Manager 4.0., encompasses all the requirements necessary for optimum project management and cost control. Requested in part by our existing clients, YellowZone has upgraded the software to meet the needs of the industry professionals that
use it most. YellowZone has always felt obligated to listen to its customers and provide them with the best project management software solutions.

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