May 23, 2002

York University, located in Canada purchases YZ Project Manager S/W
Gaining much popularity among Universities & Educational Institutions- YZ Manager 5.0

Encino, CA, May 23, 2002- Quite an achievement to have received notoriety within the Canadian border, YellowZone\'s YZ Project Manager 5.0 software was purchased today after competing with many other applications on the market. What with Version 5.0 offering so much to its users at such an affordable cost, it is no wonder that York University found its value and is using it as a full function project management solution.

York University admitted 1,383 students last year and has 10 faculties offering approximately 5000 courses per year. The need for project and task control is evident as is with many other business entities, managing hundreds upon thousands of clients/employees/staff. Astounding clients and prospects intrigued by the product\'s formatting flexibility, the new 5.0 launched just recently, offer a true solution to the current demand for project management software. The embedded workflow, point and click delegation and the multitude of customization options has all industries, yet especially the educational sector fully satisfied within their project management requirements.

Other educational entities finding the true value of YZ Project Manager are: University of California at Riverside, Prince George Community College and William Mitchell College of Law, to name a few.

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