May 01, 2002

LifeNet purchases the YZ Project Manager 5.0 Software.

Encino, CA, May 1, 2002- Operating a model organ and tissue donation program, LifeNet is representative of one of the nation\'s largest full service non-profit tissue banks. Today they purchased the YZ Project Manager 5.0 software for use within their company. The application will aid in the management of tasks, projects, costs and deadlines as well as help in the delegation, cost control and monitoring of employee productivity. What with a multitude of new features that encompass customization options, a mail center, bulletin boards, reporting and exporting- LifeNet is sure to benefit from the software\'s capabilities.

The need for project and task control is evident with LifeNET as it is with many other business entities. Other specialized services offered by LifeNet include donor family after-care, tissue recovery, state-of-the-art tissue banking services for both musculoskeletal and cardiovascular services as well as providing public and professional education, research and development and a nationwide call center.

The software allows users to fully manage multiple projects/ employees/tasks/deadlines seamlessly through an embedded point and click functionality that has clients cheering. Intrigued by the product\'s formatting flexibility, clients and prospects alike find the new 5.0, launched just recently, to be a true solution to the current demand for project management software.

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