Jun 10, 2002

Bi-State Development Agency purchases YZ Project Manager Software

Encino, CA, June 10, 2002- YellowZone is pleased to announce another new client and user of YZ Project Manager 5.0., Bi-State Development Agency, located out of St. Louis, Missouri. Bi-State Development owns and operates the St. Louis Metropolitan region\'s public transportation system. This covers the St. Louis area network of light rail (Metrolink), the region\'s bus system (Metrobus) and the paratransit van system (Call-A-Ride). Bi-State also owns and operates St. Louis Downtown Airport as well as the adjoining industrial business park, the Gateway Arch Transportation ticketing and reservation center, the Gateway Arch Riverboats and the Arch Parking Garage adjacent to the Arch grounds. A company of reputable proportions Bi-State has a fleet of 461 buses, 65 light rail vehicles and 80
Call-A-Ride paratransit vans.

The benefit of utilizing an online software utility such as YZ Project Manager 5.0 is evident with a company of this size. Those utilizing the software at Bi-State will have complete control over any and all projects and tasks that are to be fulfilled day by day.

The software allows users to fully manage multiple projects/ employees/tasks/deadlines seamlessly through an embedded point and click functionality. Costs are controlled, deadlines are met and employees are easily analyzed by their productivity through customized reporting.

Intrigued by the product\'s formatting flexibility, clients and prospects alike find the new 5.0, launched just recently, to be a true solution to the current demand for project management software.

YZ Project Manager is developed to assist companies with their project/task management. With this software, the management of projects and tasks becomes simplified. The information YZ Project Manager provides to a business, functions as a tool for managers to increase employee efficiency, reduce time, reduce paperwork and cut costs overall. This becomes an effective means for evaluating employee\'s progress as well as giving managers a timeline from which to project future tasks and cost out future projects. YZ Project Manager runs on Unix, NT, or on a Windows operating system. It is priced either as a software purchase installed onto your server or by subscription- whichever is preferred for use by the client.

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