Jan 09, 2003

YZ Project Manager 6.0 launches with all new features
YZ Project Manager 6.0 launches with an impressive list of new features and enhancements coupled with the latest technology.

Encino, CA, January 9, 2003-The YZ Project Manager- Version 6.0 was released today to the general public. This is a major release with multiple new functionality enhacements. Version 6.0 offers an impressive array of new features and functionality, encapsulated within a fresh new layout that can be freely customized at the click of a button. In order to maximize the benefit of YZ Manager web based project management software, YellowZone has added the following new features:

  • New Layout Change
    YZPM6 has incorporated a more user friendly design and layout. This includes new icons throughout the entire site. Some of these changes can be seen in the following sections: Adding & updating clients, Users, Groups, Tasks, Search and the Attachment page.

  • Calendar
    All users can now input a memo into any particular day of the Calendar. When the user logs in to YZPM6 on any particular day there would be a memo. The memo will appear on the user\'s memo page. This allows the user to separate setup schedules and reminders independent of any particular task. Directors would be allowed to view all users calendar memos while managers can view the Calendar memos of the users belonging to the same group as the manager.

  • Task Dependency
    Directors and managers will be able to control the flow of a particular task. When a task is created, the users can specify a list of users to whom the task gets automatically forwarded. When a task is completed by one user, the task gets automatically forwarded to the next user on the Dependency List and a message notification is sent out to notify the next user that he/she has a new task. The task keeps getting forwarded to the next until the last person on the list completes the task.

  • Distribution List
    YZPM6 now allows automatic email notifications to groups designated in the Distribution List for a particular task. Whenever that task is completed or updated, all users in the group selected from the Distribution List will get an email notification. That email notification can also contain any particular task information such as task name, description, deadline, etc. These fields are specified in the administrator preferences.

  • User/Group Drop Down Selections
    There is a more user friendly way to select a user without having to scroll down an entire list of users and their groups which they are assigned to. In the new version, when assigning a new task, updating a task or searching a task, users can first select the group that the new task will be assigned to first. Then the users belonging to that group will automatically be listed. The user could then be assigned out of that list. This speeds up the time in selecting a users especially where the list of users may be very long.

  • Direct URL Task Link
    All email messages sent out referencing to any particular task now have a direct link where users can click on to see that task. Users will have to login to YZPM6 first if not already logged in; however once logged in they go directly to view that particular task.

  • Project Due date
    All projects can now be assigned a project due date. The project due date can be updated as often as needed to reflect changes on a project status.

  • Remember Me
    When ZYPM6 users login, they can still access the software without having to login again once they close their browser. Their login information is saved on the browser\'s cache settings. Once the user logs off they will have to log back in.

  • MSSQL 2000 Compatible
    YZPM6 is now compatible with MSSQL 2000 server along with its previous list of compatible databases which includes but not limited to: MySQL, Access, MSSQL7, Sybase and Oracle.

  • Extra Fields (5 additional ad hoc fields)

  • YPZM6 now has incorporated 5 extra fields in which clients can label and use for any purpose. This allows customizable fields pertaining to the client\'s needs. The client can rename each field and choose it anyway they want. They could also use any fields to do customizable search.

    YZ Project Manager is developed to assist companies with their project/task management. With this software, the management of projects and tasks becomes simplified. The information YZ Project Manager provides to a business, functions as a tool for managers to increase employee efficiency, reduce time, and cut costs overall. This becomes an effective means for evaluating employee\'s progress as well as giving managers a timeline from which to project future tasks and cost out future projects. YZ Project Manager runs on Unix, NT, Linux, or Windows operating systems. It is priced either as a software purchase installed onto your server or by subscription- whichever is preferred for use by the client.

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