Feb 20, 2003

CHG TRADE becomes a client of YellowZone
CHG TRADE Purchases YZPM Software

Encino, CA, Feb 20, 2003-YellowZone\'s popular YZ Project Manager Version 6.0 will now be utilized to maintain full project management and cost control within another reputable company- CHG TRADE. This is an International client for YellowZone; it also reflects the YZ Manager\'s popularity among international community. Offered at such an affordable cost, Users of this product can look forward to order and balance within their work environments without breaking the company budget. The additions made to YZ Manager\'s 6th Version work to achieve a higher level of refined functionality and business intelligence. This intelligence is then passed on to benefit the users of the product so that they may constructively process and control office orientation and projects-in-progress while maintaining high levels of customer service. All this can be expected when utilizing the enterprise project management software- YZ Manager Version 6.0.

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