May 10, 2005

YZ Project Manager 7.0 launches with all new features
YZ Project Manager 7.0 launches with an impressive list of new features and enhancements coupled with the latest technology.

Encino, CA, May 10, 2005-The YZ Project Manager- Version 7.0 was released today to the general public. This is a major release with multiple new functionality enhacements. Version 7.0 offers an impressive array of new features and functionality, encapsulated within a fresh new layout that can be freely customized at the click of a button. In order to maximize the benefit of YZ Manager web based project management software, YellowZone has added the following new features.


  1. Version 7.0 has been
    optimized to provide a foundation for maximum
    upgradability for new features and customizations for
    individual client needs.

  2. Oracle 9i compatability

  3. Forgot Password Feature

  4. Timezone feature for
    customizing to a specific timezone

  5. Download: All attachment
    download will prompt "save as"

  6. Dates now include a time
    stamp for enhanced sorting

Calendar Enhancements:

  1. Allow multiple memo entries
    for any given day and be able to list those entries.

  2. Users can view task/project
    and memo information directly from the calendar.

  3. Users can add projects and
    tasks directly from the calendar and have that
    information accessible within the calendar.

  4. Admin can specify which
    Task/Project fields to be displayed from the calendar.

Bulletin Enhancements:

  1. Look and feel enhancements.

  2. Bulletins posted to Groups
    may send out a notification to all group members of the
    new posting (if allowed by Admin)

Projects Enhancments:

  1. Users assigned to a project
    will be able to list them directly from the main page.

  2. Ability to
    list/search/homepage list projects by assigned users
    (managers and directors level only).

  3. Start/End date for projects
    (the dates allow the projects to appears on calendar)

  4. Project Completed/Date
    Completed fields - now users can specify from the project
    level if a project has been completed or not.

  5. Project Assgined to
    Groups/Users - now a project can have ownership
    accountability by assigning to a group or a user.

  6. Fifty extra fields (each
    can be customized to different field types)

  7. Users can now search

Task Enhancments:

  1. Percent completed

    An additional field for users to indicate the percentage
    a Task is completed.

  2. Show percent
    completed bar
    A visual bar appears when listing Tasks indicating the
    percentage completed.

  3. Task ID Field
    Added as additional field seperate from system Task id.

  4. Fifty extra fields
    Each can be customized

  5. Mofication history
    View the history of modification history applied to any
    History can also be viewed from a Task listing.

  6. Client Feedback
    View client feedbacks with their attachments for any Task

  7. Sub tasks
    now sorted by time

  8. Total Costs
    Directors automatically see total costs of all task being

Reporting Enhancements:

  1. Save Search
    Users can save a search result for any Tasks &

  2. Custimized Search

    Admin can specify columns to be displayed in a search

Automatic Email

  1. Users assigned to a Project
    get automatic email notifications.

  2. Users who have Tasks with
    Reminders will received an automatic email notification
    of that reminder on the reminder date.

  3. Users with uncompleted
    Tasks can received an automatic email reminder containing
    a list of all Tasks still uncompleted.
    *Scheduling is based on system settings *

Client Enhancements:

  1. When listing clients, show
    groups which each client is assigned to.

  2. Client

    When clients log in to client section they can attach
    feedbacks to any task with file attachments
    (if allowed by admin preferences)

  3. Clients Project

    When clients log in to client section they can attach
    feedbacks to any task with file attachments
    (if allowed by admin preferences)

User Listing

  1. Show groups for each
    assigned users in the user listing

Messaging Enhancements:

  1. New Message alert pop-up
    when user received a new message.
    (if allowed by Admin)

YZ Project Manager is developed to assist companies with their project/task management. With this software, the management of projects and tasks becomes simplified. The information YZ Project Manager provides to a business, functions as a tool for managers to increase employee efficiency, reduce time, and cut costs overall. This becomes an effective means for evaluating employee's progress as well as giving managers a timeline from which to project future tasks and cost out future projects. YZ Project Manager runs on Unix, NT, Linux, or Windows operating systems. It is priced either as a software purchase installed onto your server or by subscription- whichever is preferred for use by the client.

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