Since 1997, YellowZone has been involved in providing high quality online software and e-business solutions to companies worldwide. Our highly talented programming team integrates a vast knowledge of software and web technologies, providing only the highest degree of excellence to YellowZone software projects. YellowZone products can be purchased online via SSL (Secure Transactions). Simply fill out your request for more information and you will be forwarded to a site where your can purchase online. Once purchased, YellowZone will email you the information such as URL address (if subscription purchsed) or the download information (if purchsed for in-house use).

Online project management software. An integrated environment where users, managers, and directors to access and share critical data on a real-time basis. Please reference the online help (in our demo) for more information on preferences and functionality. For information by phone, contact YellowZone at (800) 518-9505

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 Browser Requirements:  Server Requirements:

YZ Project Manager is compatible with Internet Explorer (version 4.0 or greater), Netscape (version 4.0 or higher) and Mozilla FireFox. Cookies, JavaScript and Java applets must be enabled (or installed) on the browser before running YZ Project Manager. Please refer to your browser help section for more information on how to enable these features.

Java: YZ Project Manager displays chart graphs that require Java plugin. If your browser does not come with a Java plugin (which means you will not be able to view graphs), then go to the following sites for download information:

Java Version for PC:

Mac Runtime for Java (MRJ):

There are no system requirements if your account is hosted on our server.

The following are requirements for in-house installation:

    (More users and data requires more resources.)

    500 Mhz CPU +
    256 MB RAM + (512 MB is recommended)
    10 MB Free space needed for installation files

    Win2000, Win2003, WinNT, Win98, XP, Linux, Solaris

    SQL7, SQL2000 (recommended for Windows), MySQL (recommended for Unix), Sybase, Oracle 8 or 9

  • WEB SERVER: IIS version 4+ or Apache

  • MAIL SERVER: Any server w/ SMTP Relay support

  • PHP: Provided with software download


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