"I wanted to drop a line to thank YellowZone for all the support that they have given me to implement YZ Manager in our environment. I commend YellowZone and their development staff on YZ Manager. I found the program very easy to learn, intuitive and practical. The support folks are very reachable, friendly and tenacious. I like the fact that if I have a problem I can talk to a live person versus a website or recorded messages. Once again, congratulations on a great product."

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Take a look at the live demo of our web based software application YZ Project Manager. See why this is the ideal software for managing projects, tasks, operations, budgeting, and activities online. YZPM is a secure project management software and can be easily installed on any server of your choice (at your location or elsewhere). Gaining popularity for its ease-of-use, YZPM is developed to be straightforward yet at the same time, fully equipped with advanced functionality. Users of this product can be up and running in an hour or less, managing their most complex projects.

YZ Project Manager is an Online Secure Software utility that allows users, managers and all executives to access and share critical data on a real-time basis. The Software provides Online Workflow capabilities for managing projects. It also monitors project completion time and time to market. Users will have access to all the critical Project's information via secured login and password. Managers will be able to monitor productivity for users, groups and departments. They could also measure real time individual and team performance. The tool allows constant monitoring of project cost. The Online messaging system will allow users to easily and frequently communicate among each other and monitor user communication. Detailed reporting provides managers with full statistics on project status, cost, and performance.
Enterprise Project Management Software
Manages Projects, Tasks, Clients & Activities
Provides Online Workflow Capabilities for Managing Projects
Monitors Project Completion Time & Time-to-Market
Features Secured Login and Password
Monitor Productivity for Users, Managers, and Departments
Monitors Project Cost on an Incremental and Completed Basis
Monitors User Communication
Provides Detailed Reports on Status and Project Cost
Accurately Measures Project Progress
Increase Productivity
Reduce Cost
Improve Horizontal & Vertical Communication
Eliminate Project Cost Overrun
Minimize Delays in Project Completion
Increase Employee Efficiency
Secure Real-time Access of Critical Project Data for Managers and Executives
Eliminate Time Consuming Paperwork
Easy-to-Use Embedded Messaging System
Updated Evaluation of Employee, Group and Division Performance
Customizable Layout and Terminology
Detailed and Reliable Reporting
Easily Upgradeable for Additional User
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